Recently, I have posted domestic violence posts on my new account, We’re Solving Society, at instagram user werealwaysolvingsociety. The next day, we see an inability to log in to the service. We will keep you updated if this becomes clearly account specific.

Final professional opinion: Collective narcissism with concerningly low self-awareness with an emphasis on its expression through misogyny


  1. Full-salaried on-time, clear and coherent manual-provided community health workers
  2. Community intelligence (deliberate seeking of silenced identities, failure to reciprocate results in termination) ongoing audit of that manual.
  3. Non-exploitative networking (no dating apps…

We need to talk about academic generation, stalking, financial starvation, and the erasures of anger.

Imagine an artist, painting a genuinely new design. They are standing in front of their painting every day, refining techniques, criticizing their work, thinking of new directions. In the beginning, the pencil movements are light and grey, lots of lines pointing to different things, occasionally congealing in a recognizable form…

To those of you who are in pain this father’s day, who know they won’t receive the words they need from their father or their daughter, here are some available. Self-parenting is an excellent way to put a stopper in toxic family cycles. I hope this public resource can be…

“It was vague and easy to co-opt.”

When I hear this statement, all I can think of is two children. They are looking at the same cloud. The child sees a smiling guy in the cloud and laughs. The other child sees a horse. The one who sees a smiling…

We're Solving Society

Seriously Passionate Activist and Math Education Practitioner. Nonperformative // noncoercive // mental health affirmative.

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